3 Great Alternatives To Frustrating Floss

At the end of a long day, the last thing you probably feel like doing is tying a tight string around your fingers and running it between your teeth. Unfortunately, if you decide to skip the floss, you might only be cleaning 40% of your mouth. Left unchecked, bacteria present in plaque and tartar can spread deeper and lead to gingivitis or periodontitis. However, you might be able to take care of rogue food particles without all of the anxiety. Read More 

Dental Fluorosis And Children In Black Communities: Advice For Parents

Dental fluorosis is an unsightly problem that can affect your teeth's appearance. In the United States, dentists first became aware of the problem in 1901, when people living in Colorado Springs experienced a condition that doctors called Colorado Brown Stain. Since then, scientists have undertaken extensive research into the problems that fluoride can cause, including multiple studies about the increased risk in black communities. Learn more about the causes of dental fluorosis, and find out what black parents can do to protect their children's teeth. Read More 

These Home Remedies Will Help You Prevent Or Treat Mild Thrush

Oral thrush is a fungal infection of the mouth caused by candida albicans. The main symptoms include white patches on inside of the mouth, inner cheeks, throat, and tongue. Many patients also complain of a deep, nagging pain and aching soreness in the mouth. This unfortunate infection tends to occur more often in infants, the infirm, and those who have had extensive cosmetic dentistry to replace teeth. In the article below, you'll learn several home remedies that can help you prevent or ward off a mild infection if it occurs. Read More 

New Year’s Diet? 3 Diets That Can Be Detrimental To Your Teeth

If you made a New Year's resolution to lose a few pounds, then you may be on a new diet that has you eating completely different foods than you are used to. Whether you chose a healthy new diet or a fad diet, you should be aware of how the new foods you are eating affect your teeth. You can then take steps to ensure that your new eating plan does not lead to tooth decay. Read More 

Autism And Tooth Health: What A Parent Needs To Know

For children with autism spectrum disorder, trying new things or going to a strange place can be especially difficult. Even daily dental hygiene can be a struggle. However, with the right tools and preparation, you can help your child to face dental care without experiencing a meltdown.  Start With The Basics Establish daily tooth care habits from an early age. Children with autism respond well to routine, so in order to make brushing and flossing less of a struggle: Read More