Pulp Capping For Baby Teeth: An Alternative To Root Canals

At the center of each of your teeth, you'll find the tooth's nerve (which is often called the pulp). The pulp prefers a hermit-like existence and should have no contact with the outside world. The pulp chamber is protected by your tooth's structure (made of dentin and the outer enamel) but is still vulnerable. When an adult's dental pulp becomes irreversibly infected, you'll need a root canal to remove this pulp. Read More 

Is That Toothbrush Ready To Be Replaced?

It's something that you use every day but may not pay much attention to. A toothbrush that is past being useful may be worse than not brushing at all. Read on for some tips on ensuring that your brush is doing the job it needs to do. Get some professional advice. Your dentist will probably tell you to get a brush with soft bristles. Stiff bristles can be too harsh on teeth and gums. Read More 

Preparing To Visit Your Family Dentist For Teeth Cleaning? 4 Things To Expect During The Procedure

It is normal for patients, both children and adults, to feel anxious about their upcoming dental appointments. However, you have nothing to worry about since check-ups are usually straightforward. In most cases, your family dentist will offer to clean your teeth professionally as a preventative measure against gum diseases and tooth decay. Read on to know what will happen during your teeth cleaning appointment with your family dentist.  1. Oral Examination Read More 

Do You Need A Root Canal For A Tooth?

Are you having a problem with a tooth and wondering if it needs a root canal? If so, it will help to know what the potential warning signs are.  Hot And Cold Sensitivity Pay attention to how the tooth feels when you drink a hot or cold beverage. If you feel a prolonged shooting pain in the tooth that doesn't go away immediately when you stop drinking the beverage, this is a sign that you may need a root canal. Read More 

What Advantages Do Pediatric Dental Clinics Offer?

Children should begin having their teeth examined by a dentist as soon as their first tooth grows in. Parents can choose to take their children to a general dentist, but kids may have a better experience with a children's dental specialist. Pediatric dentists offer specialized care to minors. These are some advantages offered by pediatric dental clinics: 1. A Warm And Welcoming Environment When it comes to dental appointments, a positive mindset can make a huge difference. Read More