Holiday Foods To Avoid When You Have New Porcelain Veneers

If you have had new porcelain veneers put on your teeth right before the holidays, you may be worried about eating or drinking anything that could damage them. Below is a list of holiday foods you should avoid or limit to keep your recent dental work intact.

Avoid Anything With Nuts In It

Although you may be tempted with nutty fudge and crunchy peanut butter cookies, you should avoid eating them or anything containing nuts. Until the thin porcelain layer has had a chance to harden, it will be prone to breaking. Even softer nuts such as cashews require a lot of grinding that could crack the surface of the veneers.

If you absolutely must eat a slice of your aunt's fruitcake to keep from hurting her feelings, try to pick out the larger nuts that you can see. Then, chew the cake towards the back of your mouth using the molars to decrease the risk of breaking off the veneers in the front.

Refrain From Popcorn Snacks

If your holiday traditions include stringing popcorn for the tree or making popcorn balls, you may have a habit of snacking on the kernels. When you have new porcelain veneers, however, it could create a problem.

Until the bonding agent has a time to set up, the thin kernel slivers could find their way in between the teeth and veneers. They could pry the veneer away from the enamel and make them fall off, requiring that you have them reattached by your dentist.

When snacking on popcorn becomes irresistible, break off and eat the soft parts around the kernel. If you do find a sliver caught under one of your veneers, use a soft toothbrush to try to gently remove it by carefully pushing the bristles against the edge and lifting away from it. If this does not work, you may want to contact your dentist for advice.

Limit Alcoholic Holiday Cheer

When offered alcoholic beverages such as eggnog or wine punch, you do not necessarily have to decline a glass of holiday cheer. However, you should try to limit your intake to a couple of glasses.

Until the bonding agent has hardened, it is vulnerable to the solvent properties of alcohol. While a drink or two may not affect it much, drinking too much alcohol could break down the bond and make it loose its inability to adhere to your teeth or the porcelain of the veneers.

If you have been consuming a lot of alcohol and find that one of your veneers has become loose, try pushing it firmly onto the tooth. If it is still loose or falls off, your dentist will have to reapply the bonding agent.

Bypass Jellies And Jams Containing Seeds

While at a holiday dinner, you may find a wide variety of jellies and jams available. When making your selection, bypass those that contain seeds. The seeds could become trapped under the veneer. Or, it could get caught between the porcelain and the gum, causing irritation to the tissue.

If you do have a trapped seed, use a soft toothbrush to try to pry it from under the veneer or away from your gum. After a few tries, you may need to contact your dentist if you are unable to get it out.

By staying away from the above foods and beverages, you can minimize the risk of harming your new porcelain veneers and make them last for the five to ten years they are designed for. However, if you accidentally damage them, you may want to contact your dentist as soon as possible to have them repaired or reattached.

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