3 Non-Aesthetic Benefits Full Mouth Reconstruction Can Afford You

When it comes to full mouth reconstruction, much of the focus is on the aesthetic benefits of this treatment. While the benefits are plentiful in this area, full mouth reconstruction offers many other advantages, including improved dental and overall health. If your provider has suggested a reconstruction treatment for you, here are just some of the health benefits you could be gaining.

Increased Mental Health

When an individual has severely damaged or missing teeth, this can have a negative effect on their mental health. This type of appearance may cause an individual to have lower self-esteem, which can ultimately make them feel depressed, which can cause a ripple of health effects.

With reconstruction treatment, your smile will be improved, as well as your feelings of self-confidence, which can possibly improve your mental health and help you lead a happier life. Increased self-confidence can improve your personal and professional relationships and even help you reach your goals easier.

Ability To Follow A Healthier Diet

If you've ever tried to eat fresh vegetables and fruit in their natural state with severely damaged teeth, you understand firsthand that this can be a difficult task, if not impossible. Instead of a healthier damage, you might sometimes be forced to consume easier to eat and less healthy options like french fries.

When you aren't able to eat these healthy foods, this can have negative implications for your overall health. With reconstructive surgery, you will be able to use your teeth to eat these healthier options and improve your overall health.

Less Dental Health Risks

Full mouth reconstruction treatment can also help you decrease your risks for future dental health concerns. First, consider the previous idea that you will be able to eat healthier options with your new teeth. Eating soft foods that are filled with sugar and carbohydrates because your teeth are in bad condition will only increase the risk for dental health issues like gum disease.

Additionally, in the case of missing teeth, not having a tooth in place can also increase your risks for gum bone deterioration. As the bones are weakened, the likelihood of more of your teeth falling out increases as friction from teeth help keep your bones stronger.  

If your dental provider has recommended this treatment for you, make sure you aren't overlooking its benefits. This type of treatment can improve your life in many ways and produce long-term benefits for you to enjoy.