When Your Teeth Are Beyond Saving And Your Insurance Is Poor

When your teeth look really bad, you may finally break down and visit a dentist. You may even visit a cosmetic dentist, given the extent to which your teeth are broken and discolored. He or she may be able to offer you several options, but only if your insurance can pay for some of the services you need. Otherwise, the majority of what needs to be done will have to come out of your own pocket. So, what do you do when your teeth are exceptionally bad and your dental insurance is poorer than your teeth? It comes down to just the following solutions.

Pulling All of Your Teeth

Rotting, broken and discolored teeth cannot be saved. They are beyond saving. They are also affecting your oral health, your physical health and your emotional health. Because your dental insurance will not cover major restorative care, the only thing your dentist can do is pull all of the damaged and rotting teeth and try to clean up the discolored ones that will survive. Now that you are left with gaps in your smile, or no teeth at all, your dentist will offer you one of two things; a partial denture or full dentures.

Dentures Are Covered

Most dental insurance carriers will cover the cost of partial dentures or full dentures. After your dentist has pulled teeth and/or scoured what is left, he or she can make a mold of your mouth from which a set of dentures can be made. If you lost any teeth on the bottom and need a partial, you will, unfortunately, not be able to get one for the lower jaw. You can get a partial for the upper jaw, and of course, get a full set of dentures if you allow your dentist to pull the rest of your teeth. All you pay are the co-pays.

Toothless for a Time

In between having your teeth removed and getting dentures, you may have to go toothless for a time. Your gums have to heal from having the damaged tooth fragments pulled, and your insurance may only cover certain dental expenses once or twice a year. You will have to learn to eat soft foods or learn to gum your food.

Appearance-wise, you may be inclined to hide your smile or laugh, and people may be able to hear something different in how you pronounce words. However, it should not be too long of a wait, as your dentist knows that waiting too long to get dentures can cause bone deformities in your jaws and face. That said, your cosmetic dentist may be able to push the insurance through based on medical emergency and need so you can get your dentures sooner.