Your Teeth May Not Look Neat Now, But Dental Veneers Can Make Them Perfect

There are many people who do not show their teeth when they smile because they are ashamed of how their teeth look. They may place their hands over their mouths in an effort to hide their teeth. Some have even "mastered the art" of talking and laughing while holding their mouth in positions that hide their teeth. Perhaps you are struggling with an issue with your teeth that causes you to feel self-conscious. The following points will help you understand a few issues that dental veneers can correct. 

What are dental veneers?

They are tooth-colored caps that fit over teeth. The goal is to create the illusion of straight and white teeth. Veneers come in various shades, which allows dentists to ensure that they get the closest matches to surrounding teeth. Veneers are considered as semi-permanent dental solutions because they remain on the teeth as long as they are properly cared for.

What are some issues that dental veneers can correct?

Crooked Teeth - Misalignment of the teeth can occur due to a number of issues. Sometimes teeth push through the gums in a crooked manner. It is also possible for teeth to get misaligned due to extractions or missing teeth. Veneers can correct some types of misalignments. Severe crowding of teeth will likely require a more aggressive approach such as orthodontics. 

Short Teeth - Some people have teeth that appear to be short. This can lead to adults having what appear to be "baby teeth." This issue is usually the result of excess gum tissue, but it can also be the result of acid erosion breaking teeth down. Veneers are a good alternative to a gingivectomy, which involves removing gum tissue to make the teeth look bigger.

Gaps - Spaces between teeth occur for various reasons. Some people have many gaps, and others may only have one gap in the front of their mouths where their upper teeth are located.  Sometimes gaps are the result of heredity. This can make some people have a desire to stand out from their families. Veneers can be a quick answer to correcting issues with gaps. Orthodontic treatments would be more timely. 

A cosmetic dentist is a good resource to use to learn about more issues that veneers can correct. They can also explain the process of putting veneers in and what you can expect if you opt to get this dental solution to fix your smile. 

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