Will You Need To Keep Getting Teeth Whitening?

Teeth whitening procedures, either done by your cosmetic dentistry team or at home, are expensive and time-consuming. After undergoing an extensive and expensive teeth whitening treatment, the last thing you want to see is a stain or even the slightest discoloration on your teeth. Now, you might wonder: will you need to keep getting teeth whitening?

Well, the answer would be yes. You need to commit to a regular teeth whitening regimen to keep teeth white even after treatment. Here's how:

Eating and Drinking Habits

The first 24 hours after your teeth whitening treatment are crucial. You must closely watch your drinking and eating habits within this period. Do not drink dark, staining beverages like coffee, tea, fruit juice and colored alcoholic drinks.  Do not eat staining foods like red meat, chocolate, fruits, and savory dishes. Do not smoke. Within the first 24 hours after the treatment, you should be extremely cautious to not eat, drink, or put anything in your mouth that could possibly stain your teeth.

Oral Hygiene

Following your teeth whitening treatment, you also need to have an extensive oral hygiene routine. Brush and floss your teeth to keep your mouth clean and your teeth stain-free. Aim to brush your teeth at least two times a day: after breakfast and before going to bed. You can also brush after every meal if you like. If you like drinking coffee and other staining beverages, you might need to brush more often. Use floss and mouthwash to clean the spots that are inaccessible to toothbrushes. You may also prefer to use whitening toothpastes, as they have additional features and agents that remove stains in the teeth. Dedicate adequate time and develop the habit of maintaining oral hygiene.

Lots of Water

Aside from avoiding staining drinks and brushing regularly, drinking lots of water also does wonders in keeping your teeth white. Not only does water keep you hydrated and healthy, but it also washes away staining agents coming from other beverages and food residues that host bacteria buildup.

Regular Dental Visits

You also need to regularly visit your dentist to perform surface leaning to keep your teeth bright. Your dentist will perform procedures that will prevent teeth discoloration even without having to bleach your teeth again. They may also prescribe some gel to protect your teeth from staining. Remember that teeth whitening treatments that use bleaching agents must not be done more than twice a year.

Watching your eating and drinking habits, committing to an extensive oral hygiene regimen, and regularly visiting your cosmetic dentistry team will maintain your white bright smile after a teeth whitening treatment. To learn more, check out websites like http://www.drclschneiderdentalcare.com.