Why Get Dental Implants Instead Of Dentures

There are many dental options out there to repair a few missing teeth or an entire set. Dentures and dental implants are two ways to get the job done, but it may leave you wondering which one is best for your situation. Here is why you should pick implants instead of dentures.

Jawbones Require Stimulation

You may not be aware that your jawbone requires stimulation if you want to prevent it from deteriorating. When you're missing a tooth, that part of your jaw won't get the stimulation it typically gets. This can cause the jawbone to become weak over the years.

What can eventually happen is the healthy teeth that surround the missing tooth will become weak as well. This can cause other teeth to fall out as well. Your face can also take on an odd shape due to the jawbone deteriorating. This is why you often see people with no teeth that have a face that looks like it is sinking inward.

Putting an implant in that missing tooth's place will prevent the jawbone from becoming weak from the stimulation that the titanium post of the implant provides.

Foods Will Be Easy To Eat

The best part about having dental implants is how it makes it easy to eat all of your favorite foods. You can enjoy apples or corn on the cob once again since the implants will not move from needing to take strong bites.

A common problem with dentures when eating is that food can find a way underneath the dentures while eating. This is not the case with implants. The teeth stay in place without the need of using an adhesive. You won't have to think about your teeth before you eat your meals.

Oral Health Will Be Easy

You do not need to be worried about taking special care of dental implants. They can be cleaned just like natural teeth, which means you do not need to change your routine of brushing and flossing.

When using dentures, you will need to take special care to brush them in a way that is not too abrasive, soak the dentures overnight, so they do not dry out, and even put them in a special cleaning solution. With more special care needed, it means that something is more likely to go wrong or be forgotten over the years that causes the dentures to break down prematurely.

Speak with your dentist about more advantages of dental implants over dentures.