When Abscesses Cause Cellulitis In Your Mouth, Emergency Help Is Needed

Thousands of people suffer from dental abscesses every day and require serious medical help to prevent complications. Unfortunately, many may ignore this issue and develop problems like cellulitis. If this happened to you, it is critical to get emergency care right away.

Abscesses Can Cause Cellulitis

An abscess in your tooth is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. That's because they are hard to clean and usually in out-of-the-way places. Even worse, these spots may be close to the surface of your gums, where bacteria and plaque love to grow. As a result, an abscess can quickly develop into a serious case of cellulitis.

When this happens, you will suffer from pain in your mouth and jaw that could spread rapidly. Even worse, you may experience other issues such as dizziness and confusion. However, the worst situation is likely to occur if cellulitis is allowed to enter your bloodstream and spread even further throughout your body.

This Issue Can Spread Throughout The Body

When cellulitis enters your bloodstream through your mouth, you could be in a world of hurt. That's because your blood will carry this bacteria throughout your body and cause serious issues. You are likely to spot red areas, experience severe pain, and swelling, and notice excessive skin warmth in areas that are affected by this problem.

Even worse, this infection could spread to your organs, such as your heart and liver. Once here, it will complicate their operation and may cause them to fail. Just as badly, cellulitis may make its way to your brain. This concern is highly likely given the close proximity of your mouth to your brain. Therefore, it is critical to understand when dental cellulitis is an emergency and when you need immediate treatment.

When It Is An Emergency

Cellulitis in your mouth is typically an emergency if you start to feel light-headed, dizzy, or if you notice symptoms of it occurring throughout your body. The proximity of your teeth and gums to various blood vessels in your mouth make it very easy for this infection to spread quickly to other parts of the body.

A dental emergency service treatment would require identifying where the abscess occurred and removing the tooth from your mouth. Then, it would require injections of antibiotics to kill the bacteria that are spreading through your body. In this way, you can quickly manage this problem and avoid serious complications that could affect your health for years.

So don't hesitate to contact a dental emergency specialist if you find this issue affecting your dental health. You will find that these professionals can quickly and effectively diagnose an issue and treat it before it becomes a real problem.