Denture Misconceptions New Patients Should Have Corrected

Extensive tooth loss will often need to be corrected with dentures. For patients needing dentures, there are myths that can instill the wrong impression about what can reasonably be expected from wearing dentures.

Myth: Having Dentures Means You Will Have An Unattractive Smile

Aesthetics is often one of the main concerns about wearing dentures. Individuals may be under the impression that dentures will degrade the quality of their smile. Modern dentures are designed so that they have a very strong resemblance to natural teeth, and this will enable patients that wear dentures to enjoy the confidence of knowing that their dentures are discrete. For those that are getting partial dentures, it may be possible to match the color of the dentures to the remaining teeth. This can allow for the dentures to seamlessly blend into your mouth.

Myth: Dentures Cause You To Have Permanent Bad Breath

Bad breath can have fairly profound social impacts. It can create problems in your relationship, causing individuals to avoid speaking with you and a host of other awkward situations. Patients will frequently be under the assumption that their dentures will cause them to have permanent bad breath. Yet, dentures that are cleaned and properly maintained will not experience this problem as the bacteria that will cause these odors will be removed.

Myth: Your Gums Will Be Constantly Irritated

Due to the need for the dentures to rest on the gums, you might assume that this will lead to irritation and discomfort. In reality, dentures that are properly fitted to the gums will be very comfortable and unlikely to contribute to irritation or other discomforts. If you notice that your dentures are starting to cause this problem, they need to be professionally adjusted so that they will comfortably fit the gums.

Myth: Cleaning Dentures Is Extremely Difficult

Keeping the dentures clean and in good condition will require daily cleaning. Individuals that are new to owning dentures may dread this type of work, but it is comparable to the difficulty of thoroughly brushing your natural teeth. After brushing and rinsing the dentures, they should be soaked overnight in a solution that will sanitize them.

When new denture patients believe myths, they may be ill-equipped for the transition to life wearing dentures. Understanding that dentures can have a natural appearance, should be comfortable to wear and that the cleaning for them is fairly mild are important for being able to avoid some serious but common mistakes about wearing your new dentures.