Has Your Child Never Been To The Dentist And Has Crooked Teeth? What To Know

When your child starts to get teeth in and they come in crooked or have an overbite or underbite, it may make you wonder if they will have orthodontic problems later on. Instead of wondering if they will have orthodontic problems, you may want to start asking if they will have other oral health problems to contend with. If your child is going to kindergarten and they haven't been to a dentist, they are past time. Here are some things to consider.

Cavities from Trapped Plague

When teeth are pushed together and crowded in the mouth, it's easy for plaque and other bacteria to get stuck in the mouth and around the teeth and then cause cavities. Not only do you want to get the child to clean the teeth and make sure that they don't need a filling to prevent a cavity from getting worse, but cavities in the baby teeth can get in the root of the tooth and cause severe pain or infection. You need to get this plaque removed from their smile.

Over- or Underbite Risks

There are a lot of problems that can come with the teeth overlapping one another. When you go to the dentist they may see that the enamel on these teeth is very thin because the teeth are always rubbing together. This can also put your child at a higher risk to end up with a chip or crack in their front teeth or an oral injury because the teeth stick out of the mouth.

The Need for More Oral Care

Your child may be missing on the oral care that they need from a different professional like a periodontist if they have developed gum problems or an orthodontist if they need to fix a problem with the alignment of their teeth or jaw. You want to get your child in right away, and have the specialist schedule more time and let them know your child has never been seen.

If you have never taken your child to the dentist and you know that they have some oral health problems because they have crooked and crowded teeth that may be causing problems, be sure to make an appointment so you can stop the problems because they become a bigger issue that requires a lot of time at the dentist. If you are worried about paying for it, look for child dental assistance programs.

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