Can Your Orthodontist Help With Missing Teeth?

Do you have missing or loose teeth and you want a more natural, brighter smile? Your orthodontist can help you achieve a smile you can be proud of. Your orthodontist is a specialized dental professional who does more than root canals and cavity fillings; they also work on your jaw and help with major teeth alignment issues. Your orthodontist is skilled in improving your mouth and improving your dental health in many ways — learn how your orthodontist can help with your missing teeth condition.

Your orthodontist can repair broken or missing teeth

Your orthodontist will repair or replace your broken teeth if they are in mainly healthy condition. If your teeth are broken but the roots are healthy, your orthodontist can place a cap over your teeth to preserve the existing tooth and give it a more natural appeal.

Or, your orthodontist can put a bridge or veneer over your teeth to make them look more natural. Your teeth need to be reinforced in many ways, and your orthodontist will repair them based on the severity of their breakage and how well they can be preserved. If teeth are missing, your dentist will put a veneer over missing areas to make your smile complete.

Your orthodontist can give you braces

Your orthodontist can give you braces to help bring your teeth closer together. If you have missing teeth, your orthodontist will put braces on your mouth to close the roof of your mouth more and make your teeth pull closer together to give you a more natural, appealing smile. Your braces will have to be worn for a long time depending on how many missing teeth you have and how wide gaps are in your mouth. Gaps are also harder to repair if they are in the front of your teeth since they are easier to see.

Your dentist can give you lingual braces that go behind your teeth, or give you traditional braces. Your braces will improve not just the spaces between your teeth due to missing teeth, but will also give you straighter, more attractive teeth and make you feel more confident in your smile.

Orthodontists know what to do to make your mouth healthier and easier to use. Your orthodontist will solve your missing tooth solutions to give you a great smile you can be proud of. Make an appointment with your orthodontist today for relief.