Pros And Cons Of Getting Partial Dentures

A lot of people picture a full set of top and bottom dentures when they think about dentures, but this isn't the only way that you can address missing teeth in your mouth. If you still have a number of your own teeth that are healthy, you might want to consider partial dentures. Visit a denturist to learn more about partial dentures and determine if you're a suitable candidate. Here are some pros and cons of getting this dental procedure for you to evaluate.

Pro: You Retain Some Of Your Teeth

As people age and often require a variety of dental procedures such as bridges, some people can possess a sense of pride about having at least some of their own teeth. The presence of your own teeth in your mouth in your 70s and 80s can be a testament to how well you've taken care of them. Partial dentures will fill in the gaps around your teeth, but you'll still be able to say that you have several of your own teeth.

Con: Color Discrepancies Are Possible

Although your denturist will do everything that he or she can to ensure that your partial dentures match the color of your own teeth, there's a risk that there could be some degree of color discrepancy. For example, if your natural teeth are considerably yellowed, you might be resistant to getting dentures that are just as yellow — even if this would give you a good match. The end result, therefore, could be different colors of teeth.

Pro: Less Of An Expense

The cost of various dental procedures depends on a number of factors, but when you visit the denturist to learn more about partial versus full dentures, you'll almost certainly find that the former is less expensive than the latter. If your dental insurance plan only pays for a certain amount of dental work per year, you may find that opting for partial dentures is a cost-effective choice.

Con: You'll Care For Two Types Of Teeth

While you have a mixture of dentures and natural teeth in your mouth, you'll need to care for both of them in different ways. For example, you'll want to brush and floss around your natural teeth, while also removing the partial dentures to clean them. There are some people who might rather have full dentures because the cleaning process will be just one step, rather than two.

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