Will Getting Braces Cause Pain?

When you have completed your initial consultation visit with an orthodontist and are scheduled to get braces placed on your teeth, you might be wondering about whether it will hurt. Feeling pain is a normal part of having braces, and there are different times you will feel the pain and different types of pain that you will feel.

There is no pain with getting them placed on your teeth

The first thing to know is that getting braces on your teeth in itself does not hurt. You may feel some pressure and a lot of prodding around in your mouth, but the actual procedure itself does not hurt. It simply involves an orthodontist gluing brackets on your teeth and placing a wire through them. While this process does not hurt, you might start feeling some pain shortly afterwards.

The main pain is from tightening of the wires

The wire that runs through the brackets might be very thin and small, but it has the ability to slowly move your teeth. When you get your braces on, one of the last steps performed involves placing tension on the wire by tightening it.

Each time you visit the orthodontist, which is usually monthly, the same process will occur. They will tighten the wires to keep pressure on the teeth, and this will result in some pain. The pain might be the worst at first, as your teeth will have more pressure on them than what you are used to. Slowly, though, your teeth will begin shifting. This process takes a lot of time, but it is a necessary step. As your teeth begin shifting after the tightening, you will notice that the pain begins to subside each day. By the time you visit your orthodontist the next month, your teeth might not hurt at all.

Getting them removed does not hurt either

When the day finally comes to have your braces removed, there really is no pain involved with this either. You may feel pressure as they snap the brackets off your teeth, but this really does not hurt.

What may hurt, though, is wearing a retainer. You will get a retainer to wear after getting the braces off. If you wear it every day, you probably will not feel pain. If you skip a few days, though, and begin wearing it again, it is likely to hurt, as it may not fit well due to the shifting of your teeth.

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