What to Expect from the Dental Veneer Process

Dental veneers can be used to correct uneven teeth. They can also hide severely stained teeth and give you the white smile you've always wanted. These are four things you can expect from the process of getting dental veneers:

1. Your veneers will be custom-made for your teeth.

Each person's smile is unique. Your teeth don't look quite like anyone else's teeth. In order to get a set of veneers that suits your mouth perfectly, your dentist will have them custom-made. To facilitate this process, your dentist will take impressions of your teeth. They will also take photographs to give the dental technician as much information as possible. After your appointment is over, a dental technician will craft a set of veneers for you out of porcelain or composite resin.

2. Your teeth will be prepared.

Your veneers will be permanently bonded to the surface of your teeth. To ensure the veneers adhere correctly, your dentist will first need to prepare your teeth. They will do this by scoring your teeth with a dental drill. Your dentist will carefully make grooves in the surface of your teeth, which will help the veneers bond to your enamel. The veneer preparation process is irreversible. Removed enamel will not grow back, so make sure you're totally confident in your decision to get dental veneers before proceeding.

3. Your veneers will be expertly applied.

Once your teeth have been prepared, your dentist will carefully dry them. Next, your dentist will apply dental a cement adhesive to the back of your dental veneer and attach it to the prepared tooth. Your veneers will be applied one by one. After each veneer is applied, the adhesive will be cured with a handheld device that emits light. The entire process can take some time, so you may want to bring headphones so you can listen to music while your dentist works. The wait will be worth it when you leave the office with a beautiful smile.

4. Your veneers will be adjusted.

After your veneers are bonded to your teeth, your dentist will check the fit and adjust them as necessary. If the veneers hang over your teeth in any area, your dentist will trim them down to the correct size. You'll have the chance to ensure the veneers feel good in your mouth before leaving the dentist's office. Your veneers may feel a little strange at first, but you will get used to them quickly.