Preparing To Visit Your Family Dentist For Teeth Cleaning? 4 Things To Expect During The Procedure

It is normal for patients, both children and adults, to feel anxious about their upcoming dental appointments. However, you have nothing to worry about since check-ups are usually straightforward. In most cases, your family dentist will offer to clean your teeth professionally as a preventative measure against gum diseases and tooth decay. Read on to know what will happen during your teeth cleaning appointment with your family dentist. 

1. Oral Examination

Your dentist will ask you to sit on the dental chair and adjust it to your comfort. The dentist will use a small mirror to check for oral cavities. You might need to wear a pair of eyeglasses to prevent the bright light from harming your eyes.

The family dentist will check to see signs of developing cavities. They may also come across chipped teeth that need to be refilled. The goal of the dental examination is to ensure your teeth are in perfect condition before commencing the cleaning phase.

2. Plaque Removal

You probably wonder why you should visit a family dentist to clean your teeth despite brushing and flossing every day. Unfortunately, your toothbrush bristles hardly reach certain sections of the teeth that are often hidden. Over time, the food remains accumulate and harden to form plaque.

If left unaddressed, the plaque and tartar create ideal conditions for tooth decay and gum diseases. Your family dentist will use a special tool referred to as a scaler to dislodge the hardened debris.

3. Teeth Polishing 

After eliminating debris, the dentist will use a polishing instrument attached to a brush that rotates at high speeds to clean the enamel. The dentist will apply a gritty polish that helps in removing any remaining traces of plaque and debris. You might hear a low-pitched buzzing sound as the brush polishes the surface, but it is safe and bearable. If you are afraid that the process could be uncomfortable, it is worth noting that it is generally quick and painless.

4. Rinsing Your Mouth

The family dentist will hand you a glass of water to rinse your mouth. Gargle the water in your mouth and spit it in the sink to remove all gritty toothpaste and debris traces. Use as much water as you like to clean your mouth. Your dentist could recommend fluoride treatment to conclude the procedure. You will bite into a tray with fluoride gel and hold it in place for a few minutes. Fluoride treatment aids in making teeth stronger.

Routine tooth cleaning aids in preventing dental issues and keeps your teeth and gums healthy. Contact your family dentist to learn more.