Teeth Whitening For Teens: Parents’ Questions Answered

Having a whiter, brighter smile to share with the world can do wonders for a person's self-confidence. During adolescence, self-confidence can be a big deal. Therefore, the idea of teeth whitening as a teen may come up. As a parent of a teen looking to get their teeth whitened, you are likely to have a few questions.  

Can a teenager have their teeth whitened by a dentist?  

Even though it is more common for adults to seek professional teeth whitening, teens can also have their teeth whitened if they have a healthy smile. Each individual is evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Therefore, it is best to discuss the possibility of treatment with the teen's primary dentist. 

Will teeth whitening cause permanent teeth to weaken?

The idea that teeth whitening weakens the teeth is actually just a popular myth. When done properly in a controlled treatment setting, teeth whitening does not weaken the teeth. Therefore, your teen should not face any long-term consequences after treatment, even if they choose to have more whitening procedures done in the future. 

Can a teen get their teeth whitened after braces? 

After braces is actually one of the most common times for a teen to get their teeth whitened. It is not unusual for there to be slight color differences between where the brackets were applied to the teeth and the rest of the tooth surfaces. A quick teeth whitening appointment at the dentist will help to eradicate stains for a brighter smile with no color variations. 

When should a teen get their teeth whitened?

Teeth whitening during the adolescent years should only be done once the child has all of their permanent teeth in place. Studies have been conducted on teens between the ages of 12 and 20 for teeth whitening treatment with positive outcomes. Some dentists prefer to only treat teens that are nearing adulthood, while others may offer the treatment at a bit younger age. 

Are home teeth whitening products safe for teens?

Today's market is filled with impressive collections of products designed for at-home teeth whitening treatment. Some of these products work well for lifting light stains and offering a brighter smile. However, not every product you find is safe or approved by the American Dental Association. If your teen wants to use a whitening product, it is best to discuss the product with a dentist to make sure it is safe before the adolescent uses the product on their teeth.