3 Great Alternatives To Frustrating Floss

At the end of a long day, the last thing you probably feel like doing is tying a tight string around your fingers and running it between your teeth. Unfortunately, if you decide to skip the floss, you might only be cleaning 40% of your mouth. Left unchecked, bacteria present in plaque and tartar can spread deeper and lead to gingivitis or periodontitis. However, you might be able to take care of rogue food particles without all of the anxiety. Here are three great alternatives to frustrating floss, so that you can keep your teeth clean and healthy:

1: Oral Irrigators

Wouldn't it be nice if you could run a stream of water over your teeth, gently rinsing away bacteria and buildup? Although it might sound like something out of a science fiction movie, oral irrigators work like mini-pressure washers to whisk away gunk. Here are a few reasons you might love a new oral irrigator:

  • Bleeding: Don't you hate watching your gums bleed after they have been assaulted by dental floss? Fortunately, because oral irrigators use gentle, pressurized water, they have been shown to reduce bleeding
  • Biofilm: Although you might assume that oral irrigators wouldn't remove as much gunk as traditional dental floss lines, they have actually been found to be incredible effective against biofilm, which is a difficult to clean bacterial layer.
  • Dental Appliances: Are you tired of trying to navigate dental floss around your braces, bridgework, or new crown? Because oral irrigators allow you to spray water from different angles, you can clean difficult-to-reach places easily.

Research has shown that by using an oral irrigator in addition to your typical twice-daily brushing routine, you can remove 99% more plaque. Oral irrigators are a user-friendly, effective way to keep your teeth immaculate.

2: Metal Blade Picks

Do you hate the idea of shooting jets of pressurized water into your mouth? If you prefer a more controlled, simple flossing option, metal blade picks might be right for you. Metal blade picks have a thin, flexible sheet of stainless steel that you can run in between each of your teeth. Although you might be worried about cutting yourself, these metal sheets are finished with a dull, blunt edge, so you don't have to worry about injuries. Here are a few other neat features that metal blade picks have to offer:

  • Mold To Your Mouth: As you run that fine metal blade between your teeth, the metal actually molds to your interdental shape to make flossing more comfortable.
  • Affordable: If you are worried about the cost of metal blade picks, you shouldn't be. You can pick up some metal blade flossers for under $2 each.
  • Reusable: Because metal blade picks are crafted from non-porous, easy-to-clean stainless steel, you can reuse them repeatedly for up to a month

Talk with your dentist if you think that metal blade picks might be right for you. He or she might be able to show you how to apply gentle pressure to press the blade between your teeth, and how to clean your device.

3: Air Burst Cleaners

For an even more hands-off approach to flossing, consider airburst cleaners. These devices use pressurized air to send pulses of pressure against your teeth, gently blowing away gunk. Although airburst cleaners contain a reservoir like oral irrigators, the systems are designed to send a burst of droplets instead of a steady stream of water. Because air burst cleaners use less liquid, you won't feel like you are drowning when you floss your teeth. Here are a few other neat reasons you might enjoy an air burst cleaner:

  • Mix In Mouthwash: Unlike oral irrigators, airburst cleaners are designed to handle different liquids in addition to water. This means you can fill the reservoir with your favorite mouthwash for a more refreshing experience. 
  • Dental Massage: Some air burst cleaners have a variety of pulsation settings, so you can enjoy a dental massage while you blast away plaque and tartar.

By finding the right interdental cleaner, you might be able to enjoy cleaner teeth and better dental checkups. Talk to a dentist, like one at Valley Oak Dental Group Inc, about which flossing alternative is best for you and your dental health.