How To Remove Popcorn That Is Stuck Between Your Teeth

If you have a piece of a popcorn kernel stuck between your teeth that is causing you pain and your dentist's office is closed, then you will need to remove it yourself at home. If you have tried brushing and flossing your teeth and still haven't been able to remove the popcorn, then you will need to try another option. To this end, here are some other ways that you can remove a piece of food that has wedged itself between your teeth:

Use a Toothpick

If you cannot get the popcorn kernel out of your teeth using dental floss because it is lodged too far down towards your gums or the teeth are very close together, then you can try using a toothpick. Place the sharp end of the toothpick down along your gums and try to get under the popcorn to loosen it. If this doesn't work, then you can place the toothpick between your teeth and leave it in place for a minute or two. This constant pressure will cause your teeth to separate a bit. Once your teeth have moved, then you can try once again to remove the popcorn from below. 

Use a Soda Straw

If your teeth are very close together and you are unable to use a toothpick to get the popcorn out from between them, then you can try using a plastic soda straw. Cut the soda straw open lengthwise and use the thin piece of strong plastic to "floss" your teeth. Many times when you cannot use a toothpick, this technique will work.

Eat an Apple or Carrot

If neither a toothpick nor a straw works to remove the popcorn, then you should try eating an apple or a carrot. Eating crunchy vegetables or fruit will force pieces of them between your teeth. As a new piece of food enters the area where the popcorn kernel is lodged, it will force the popcorn to dislodge. If a piece of the apple or carrot gets stuck between the same two teeth, then you should be able to brush and floss to remove it.

Call Your Dentist's Emergency Number and Ask for Professional Assistance

If you have tried each of the suggestions above and have not been successful at removing the stuck popcorn kernel from between your teeth, then you should call an emergency dental office and speak with the dentist on call. The dentist can offer you further suggestions or can meet you at their office and remove the stuck food for you.