Dental Resolutions For The New Year

Do you need something different for your New Year's resolution? If you want to focus on your health, why not try a few resolutions designed to help your teeth and gums? If you are short on ideas, here are some dental resolutions you can give a shot.

Go to the Dentist Twice This Year

You've heard since you were a child that you are supposed to go to the dentist every six months. But how long has it been since you've actually followed that advice? If you are like many adults, you might try to push back your next appointment until six months turns into seven and so on. Yes, you are a very busy person with lots of other things to worry about, but you only get one set of adult teeth. Start the new year by scheduling your next two appointments and then stick to them.

Floss and Mouthwash After Every Brushing

Brushing twice a day is great, but the ideal oral care routine also contains daily flossing and rinsing with a fluoride rinse. If you historically have had trouble remembering to keep up with these parts of the routine, it's time to make a change. Purchase some new floss and mouthwash and keep them outside of your bathroom cabinet. Place them right on the sink where you can see them every day, and it will be much easier to remember your responsibility.

Drop the Soda and Other Sugary Drinks

If you drink a ton of soda or sweet tea and other sugary beverages, you are slowly doing a bit of damage to your teeth each and every time you take a sip. Instead of coating your teeth and gums with sugar all day long, take a hard look inside your fridge and make some changes. As an added bonus, cutting sugar out of your diet will likely help you lose a bit of weight as well, if that is another one of your resolutions.

Carry Bottled Water With You

Do you only brush your teeth in the morning and late at night because you are at work or outside of your house all day long? If so, consider taking a bottle of water with you everywhere you go. You can put it in your purse or keep it in the glove compartment in your car if needed. The idea is to swish some water around after every meal or snack to help rinse out sugar and bacteria that could lead to cavities.

Contact your local dental office today to get the New Year started off right.