Not Just an Ordinary Infection: Addressing Dental Abscesses

A dental abscess can catch some off-guard. One moment everything is fine and the next your mouth is suffering from a painful and potentially dangerous infection. The way you handle an abscess can influence your health and fast action is needed in all cases. To find out more about the dental infection known as an abscess, read on. What Causes Dental Abscesses? As with most infections, an abscess is the result of bacteria growth inside a gum. Read More 

Fear Of Needles And Your Dentist: Alternative Pain Relief

Fear of needles (or trypanophobia) is quite common. For most people, this is rather mild. You might feel some anxiety as the syringe penetrates your skin, but this quickly subsides as you realize that the worst is over. For other people, it's far more severe, triggering a sense of dread and panic. A fear of needles can be particularly problematic when it comes to pain relief for dental procedures. Injections Read More 

Should You See The Dentist If Your Tooth Is Chipped But You Can Hardly Tell?

A chipped tooth can happen at any time; you can chip your tooth biting into hard food, by accidentally bumping your mouth on a doorknob or some other surface, or by playing sports and having a head injury. Your tooth can even get chipped doing a routine teeth cleaning, and a chip can be so unnoticeable that you don't think it requires dental care. Should you see a dentist if your tooth is chipped but you can hardly tell? Read More