This Is Why Flossing Does What Mouthwash Can’t

Mouthwash is often sold as helping to reduce the risk of gum disease. And it's true; certain varieties of mouthwash are effective in helping to combat this disease. However, that doesn't mean that rinsing with mouthwash is a replacement for other methods of combating gum disease. Here's why it's okay to use mouthwash, but not okay to skip flossing. What Mouthwash Can Do Mouthwash is effective at two things: getting beneath your gums and eliminating bacteria. Read More 

Will Getting Braces Cause Pain?

When you have completed your initial consultation visit with an orthodontist and are scheduled to get braces placed on your teeth, you might be wondering about whether it will hurt. Feeling pain is a normal part of having braces, and there are different times you will feel the pain and different types of pain that you will feel. There is no pain with getting them placed on your teeth The first thing to know is that getting braces on your teeth in itself does not hurt. Read More 

The Reasons Adults Get Braces And The Challenges They Face With Braces

Today, approximately 1 million adults living in the U.S. and Canada have braces, which is a huge hike from the number of adults who had braces just a few decades ago. Braces for adults are becoming very popular, and more and more people who are over the age of 18 are now either wearing braces or considering them. If you are an adult who longs for nicer, straighter teeth, here are several things to understand about the reasons adults choose braces and the challenges faced with adult orthodontic treatment. Read More 

Measures For Preventing Dental Emergencies

If a serious dental problem strikes at an inconvenient time, say when you are away on a business trip, you may be forced to use a lot of money for treatment. Take the following measures to reduce your risk of dental emergencies. Keep Your Teeth Strong and Healthy Weak or unhealthy teeth are more likely to suffer diseases or accidental injuries than strong and healthy teeth. For example, teeth with eroded enamel are more likely to suffer decay than teeth with strong enamel. Read More 

What Happens To Over-Retained Baby Teeth?

If you have been following the various growth charts that are given to you by your pediatric dentist, then you may notice that the teeth are meant to pop through the gums on a regular schedule. And, while tooth development may be delayed for some reason, you should still see the teeth emerging in order. If they do not, then your child may be experiencing something called an over-retained primary tooth. Read More